Physical Therapy

Injuries are one of the most common causes of pain that impair your ability to function. Physical therapy is used to restore mobility by strengthening injured areas of the body. We use a hands-on approach to safely return patients to their daily routines. Our physical therapy program is designed to address various forms of pain, including: back, neck or shoulder pain, hip or leg pain, headaches, sprains and strains, muscle spasms and whiplash; and any discomfort caused by sports injuries and automobile or workplace accidents.

The physical rehabilitation services we offer include numerous modalities. We facilitate the highest level of comfort while improving activity levels and range of movement. Our goal is to train the problem area how to properly function again and teach patients how to lessen the chance of injury recurrence. Every procedure is non-invasive and incorporates healthy lifestyle modifications, such as nutritional counseling and exercise programs.

Get back to living the life you had before the pain began. Call (908) 665-0770 today to schedule your free consultation and explore your treatment options.

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