Applied Kinesiology Services

If you are looking for a safe and natural alternative to using drugs as a way of treating and preventing major medical problems, Peak Medical in Berkeley Heights, NJ, has the healthcare regimen for you. Our medical professionals offer an analytical technique known as Applied Kinesiology as a means of identifying and addressing physiological weaknesses in their early stages.

A Safe and Effective Treatment Option for Your Body

Applied Kinesiology, in conjunction with Applied Clinical Nutrition, has increasingly grown in popularity as a safe and effective treatment option for uncovering and treating the source of patient health problems. This method is employed by practitioners using the body’s reflex points in order to accurately determine nutritional, physical, and structural needs.

The Premier Preventative Healthcare Solution

Deviations in the normal electrical energy flows of the body are an indication that a greater, underlying problem exists. Physicians identify reflex points in the body by testing different areas to determine whether excessive electrical energy is being drawn to that area in order to maintain function. In doing so, the doctor determine which reflex points are weakened, and can consequently address those problems with appropriate physical and structural needs. This, combined with a proper nutritional supplement regimen, is the premier preventative healthcare option.

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